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CurateGift Boxes

Born out of the pandemic, many  close friends were still travelling a lot for business and were having to spend a lot of time in quarantine.

I curated personalised boxes to keep them entertained and to stop them from going crazy while they quarantined alone. They said that instead of dreading quarantine, they would look forward to coming back from their trip and finding out what I had in store for them.

These are also a great way to show someone just how much they mean to you - they can also be used to impress your boss!!

Personalised gift boxes come in four sizes (excluding shipping) :

                      $50 | $75 | $100 | $POA

Delivery can be arranged for those in a 15km radius of Kitsilano, BC.

There's only two simple steps to creating this truly unique gift experience:

Step 1: Contact Imaginarium Events, who will send you a short questionnaire to complete. Try be as honest as possible and leave no stone unturned. The better I know the person the more personalized the gifts!

There will also be a section for budget and occasion - to make that gift extra special!

Step 2: Imaginarium Events will curate your gift box and have it delivered straight to your recipients door!

The gift/experience will contain uniquely selected and expertly wrapped items to ensure the recipient has an adventure from start to finish, no matter how small his/her/their celebration may be!


Gift/Experience boxes will include:

Arts and crafts




Interactive entertainment                                        


Listening/music suggestions                                                   


For images of recent gift boxes, click here, and get in touch with Imaginarium Events for more information!

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