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Murder Mystery Imaginarium!

There are three options for the Murder Mystery Imaginarium:

Murder Mystery Basics

Someone, somewhere in BC has been murdered. Guests will choose their character at random.

What's included:

  • Instructions

  • Clues

  • Name tags

Personalized Murder Mystery

Answer a few questions and Imaginarium Events will create characters based on your guests!


Each guest will receive a name and character breakdown including costume suggestions for you to send to everyone ahead of time.


Add one of themes below for that little bit extra!


Ultimate Murder Mystery Imaginarium

You and your guests will be plunged into a murder mystery extravaganza like no other!

For the ultimate experience this package includes all the above and:

  • Specially created characters for each guest, character breakdown, accessories, and select costume items

  • Decorations to set the scene of your chosen theme

  • Actors who will act out scenes so your guests can sit back and enjoy the show - all they have to do is guess who did it!

This package can also be upgraded to include themed food and signature cocktails.


All you need to do is choose from one of our curated adult themes below, answer a few questions and Imaginarium Events will do the rest!

Image by Carrie Borden


Afternoon Tea

High Tea

Young Doctor


Earth from Spaceship


Image by Brett Jordan

1950's/Rock 'n'Roll

Image by Łukasz Nieścioruk


Image by Michal Matlon


Country House

English Manor

Image by Nik Korba


Image by Markus Spiske


Combat Chick


Masked Men

Masquerade Ball

Gothic Bride




Image by Benjamin Rascoe

Black Tie

Image by Loren Cutler


Image by Artem Labunsky


Image by Marten Newhall

Spy/James Bond

Image by Jon Tyson


Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Custom/Not Listed

Please note:

The images above are for illustrative purposes only and not indicative of costume provisions.


Our Murder Mystery parties are designed for six people or more.


Each mystery centers around six main characters. The clues and plot remains a mystery to everyone right until the end! You can choose to tell select guests that they will be a main character or let people decide their characters on the night.

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